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Batteries; also referred to as compact energy sources or primary cells, are assigned  a battery type according to their chemical composition and are available in many different sizes and variants. Although the exact function of a battery depends on its type, its basic features can be described as follows: A battery contains both an anode (positive pole) and a cathode (negative pole), between which electrons flow. In this process, the negatively charged electrons of the cathode return to the anode, generating electricity.

The applications for batteries are extremely diverse: cameras, torches and remote controls are just a few examples of devices that are powered by primary cells. The most important feature that distinguishes conventional electric batteries from other energy sources such as rechargeable batteries (secondary cells) is their frequency of use: batteries can only be used once and must then be disposed of properly, far away from household waste.

Large selection of batteries at Bürklin Elektronik

Not all batteries are the same - we know about the many uses of compact energy sources and therefore offer a variety of primary cells from different manufacturers. If you are unsure whether batteries, rechargeable batteries or other power supply devices are best suited for your device, we will be happy to advise you. Simply get in touch with us at +49 89 55875-230.

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