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Shaft Couplings

Shaft Couplings

Shaft couplings connect the electric motor to the driven element (e.g. pump hydraulics) and serve to transfer torque from one shaft end to another. They are divided into rigid and flexible couplings:

  • Torsionally rigid shaft couplings - compensate high misalignment values with low restoring forces; used with servo drives, test benches, pumps or fans
  • Torsionally flexible shaft couplings - Compensating couplings in drive trains to absorb shaft displacements and compensate for misalignment of the shafts; used in mechanical engineering, drives in combustion engines, machine tools or agriculture and forestry.

In order to avoid incorrect purchases, it is important to ensure that the technical data match the requirements before purchasing a shaft coupling. The following key figures are significant:

  • Inside diameter
  • Permanent load
  • Maximum torque
  • Dimension
  • Type

There are also various mounting options for these couplings. While HFD type shaft couplings are more likely to be fitted using clamping screws, MB type shaft couplings are more likely to incorporate grub screws. Suitable motors or pumps are available in the motors and gearboxes category.

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