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PiXtend V2 -S- ePLC Pro - complete unit

Order No.: 64S3109

Manufacturer: Qube Solutions

Manufacturer No.: PIXTEND V2 -S- EPLC PRO

RoHS compliant version available, last updated: 08.06.2011
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Product specification

Manufacturer information
Manufacturer: Qube Solutions
Manufacturer number: PIXTEND V2 -S- EPLC PRO

Product description

PiXtend V2 -S- is a programmable logic controller (PLC) based on the powerful Raspberry Pi single board computer. It‘s numerous digital and analog inputs and outputs allow connections to a wide range of sensors and actuators found in industrial applications and in the Maker scene. The connection to other devices, controls and computer systems is established via standard serial interfaces (RS232, Ethernet, WiFi). The interfaces and I/Os have a robust design and comply with the PLC standard (IEC 61131-2).PiXtend V2 -S- ePLC Pro

The PiXtend V2 -S- ePLC Pro version is a complete device that has, in addition to the circumference of the PiXtend V2 -S-Basic, a stainless steel hood and a DIN rail housing. This version is particularly suitable if the Raspberry Pi control is to be installed immediately and the control application is in the foreground. This PiXtend V2-S variant is designed for customers with the highest demands on optics, stability and safety.

The PiXtend V2 -S- ePLC Pro includes a pre-installed SD card, a set of jumpers for configuration, a DIN rail housing and a stainless steel hood.


•CODESYS V3 - professional programming system for programmable logic controllers (PLC) according to IEC 61131-3

•C - the standard of the Linux world

•Python - the language of the Raspberry Pi, scripting language

•FHEM - popular open source home automation system, operation via web or app

•Node-RED - grahical flow-based programming for the IoT age

•OpenPLC - free system for PLC programming according to IEC 61131-3

•Comming Soon: FourZero - the programming system for distributed control systems and Industry 4.0 according to IEC 61499

Hardware details:

•8x digital inputs (3.3 V / 5 V / 12 V / 24 V)

•4x digital outputs (max. 30 V, je 0.5 A)

•4x PWM / servo outputs (2x 16 bit, 2x 8 bit)

•4x relays (max. 230 V, 6 A)

•2x analog voltage inputs (0..5 V / 0..10 V)

•2x analog voltage outputs (0..10 V)

•4x GPIOs (5 V)

•Seriel interface: RS232

•Real Time Clock (RTC), battery buffered

•Support up to four DHT11 / DHT22 / AM2302 sensors (temperature & humidity)

•433 MHz transmitter (remote plugs), pluggable (not included)

•Onboard voltage regulator ◦Input: 12 - 24 V DC (max. 30 V)

◦Output: 5 V DC / 2,4 A (versorgt PiXtend V2 -S-, Raspberry Pi und angeschlossene USB-Geräte)

•Retain/Persistent memory, 32 bytes flash EEPROM

•Compatible with the Raspberry Pi models B+ / 2 B / 3 B / 3 B+

•Certification: CE, RoHS

Scope of Delivery:

•PiXtend V2 -S- ePLC Pro module - complete unit - professional version

•Raspberry Pi 3 B+ - assembled

•DIN rail housing & stainless steel hood - assembled

•microSD card - 16 Gbyte - pre-installed (please choose the contect above)

•Set of jumpers for configuration

•Multiligual safety data sheet

technical documents

Technical Data Sheets

Environmentally relevant information

RoHS  Yes (08.06.2011)
SVHC  Free (28.10.2008)