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Dual Port D-Sub Connector

Dual Port D-Sub Connector

Dual Port D-Sub connectors bring two simple 90 degree D-Subs together by mounting them on top of each other. The D-Sub has a compressed footprint despite the dual port. Due to the design, Dual Port D-Sub connectors are also called stacked D-Subs. They are particularly suitable for applications where little space is available on the printed circuit board, but several connection ports are still required.

Bürklin Elektronik offers Dual Port D-Sub connectors in different versions to cover all requirements. Like conventional D-Sub connectors, Dual D-Sub connectors differ primarily in the number of contacts. Gear types are always in stock in the Bürklin range, such as:

  • 9-/9-pole
  • 15-/15-pole
  • 25-/25-pole
  • 37-/37-pole

In addition, Dual D-Sub connectors are available with either two female connectors, two male connectors or a combination of female and male connectors. The high-density versions are identical in their dimensions, but feature a higher number of contact chambers.

Discover Dual Port D-Sub Connectors at Bürklin Elektronik

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